CRECHE | MAY 3RD, 2020


Foundational Truth : God is good
Lesson Focus : God promises to meet His people, first in the temple, then in Jesus.



"I can talk to Jesus" - Emu Music


Go through the memory verse together using this video + the instructions provided.


This term at Church, Sunday School is learning about God’s people the Israelites in the Old Testament. The Old Testament tells us about God and His people before Jesus came to save sinners. God’s people in the Old Testament were waiting for Jesus to come and save sinners. While the Israelites were waiting for Jesus to come and be their forever true King, they asked God to give them a King like the other nations around them. One of these King’s names was Solomon. On the count of three, say, “Solomon!” 1-2-3 Solomon!


God gave Solomon a very special and important job. God chose Solomon to build him a house where His Spirit could dwell with the Israelites. This place was called the temple. On the count of three, say, “Temple!” 1-2-3 Temple!


  • (Hold up your bible) The bible is God’s true Word. The bible is from God and about God. Let’s read about how Solomon built the temple together.


READ : 1 Chr 28:6-7.

“He (God) said to me (David, Solomon’s Dad, God’s chosen King), ‘Solomon your son is the one who will build my house and my courts, for I have chosen him to be my son and I will be his father. I will establish his kingdom forever if he is unswerving in carrying out my commands and laws”.


Solomon built God’s house, the temple. It was huge! And it was beautiful and strong. It was made with wood and gold and bronze and jewels and thick beautiful fabrics. God’s people loved the temple because that was were God dwelt with His people. But after Solomon built the temple, he stopped obeying God. And God’s people the Israelites stopped obeying God as well. Because Solomon disobeyed God, the temple was destroyed! Even though God’s people stopped obeying Him, because God is good, He chose to give His people a new King and a new temple – One that would never be destroyed! God is good so He kept his promise. God sent Jesus to be our new King and our new temple. Jesus came down and made his home with us while he was on earth. And Jesus came to saves sinners so that we might live with God forever! God is good!

  • On the count of three whisper “God is good”: 1-2-3 God is good!

  • Now, on the count of three say in a normal voice “God is good”: 1-2-3 God is good!

  • Now, on the count of three shout “God is good”: 1-2-3 God is good!

REVIEW QUESTIONS - Great for 3-5yrs - for littles you can go through the questions and help them to say the answers with you

  • This is where we are in God’s Big Story timeline. (You and your children point to the God’s people wait section) SEE HERE

  • Who made God’s temple? (Solomon)

  • What was God’s house called? (the temple)

  • Did Solomon keep obeying God? (No)

  • Did God keep his promise? (Yes!)

  • Is Jesus our new temple? (Yes!)

  • Because of Jesus can we live with God forever? (Yes!)

  • Is God Good? (Yes!)

  • Go through the Gospel Finger play SEE HERE

REPEATED PRAYER - help you children repeat this pray in small chunks after you if they would like to. Otherwise you can just lead your children through this prayer as a family.

Dear God – we praise you – because you are good! - Thank you – for sending Jesus – so that we – might live with you – forever! – In Jesus name -  Amen.


Get your Sunday School craft pack. Find the craft stencil and envelop labelled lesson

1. Colour in and decorate the temple stencil with stickers.    2. Glue your craft into your creche book


1. Build your own temple with your children. You might like to make the temple with lego or blocks. You could make it with playdough or sand. Or you could make a temple using blankets and chairs cubby-house/fort style.

2. While you make your temple talk with your children about how amazing it was that God dwelt with His people.

3. Ask your children if they think the temple could house God fully.

4. Talk to your children about how God is everywhere!

5. Talk to your children about how great it is that Jesus came down to dwell with us so that we might live with God forever!