CRECHE | JUNE 28TH, 2020
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Foundational Truth :  Josiah knew God, loved God and obeyed God. We should too
Lesson Focus : God was kind to Jonah. God was kind to the people of Nineveh  


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Go through the memory verse together using these clips + the instructions provided below or in your pack!




This term at Church, Sunday School is learning about God’s people the Israelites in the Old Testament. The Old Testament tells us about God and His people before Jesus came to save sinners. God’s people in the Old Testament were waiting for Jesus to come and save sinners. Last week we learnt about how God sent Jonah to go and tell the people of Nineveh to repent and believe in the One true God. Today we are going to learn about King Josiah. On the count of three, say, “King Josiah!” 1-2-3 King Josiah! 

King Josiah was a good king. He loved God and wanted to obey Him. When Josiah was king, God’s book of the Law had been lost. The Book of the law that was found was God’s Word that He had given to His people so that they might know Him. But the people had forgotten God’s Word and the book had been lost. When Josiah was king, he decided to repair God’s temple - On the count of three, say, “temple!” 1-2-3 temple! - God’s special house that King Solomon had built. And while they were repairing the temple, they found something very special – God’s True Word – the book of the Law!


  • (Hold up your bible)  The bible is God’s true Word. The bible is from God and about God. Let’s read about how God’s book of the law was found again!



“While they were bringing out the money that had been taken into the temple of the Lord, Hilkiah the priest found the Book of the Law of the Lord that had been given through Moses.”


God’s Word had been found again! God wants to talk with us, so He led His people back to His True Word. When King Josiah heard that the book of the Law had been found he told the priest to read the Law out loud so that everyone could hear God’s Word. When Josiah heard the Word of the Lord read, he tore his clothes and cried out to God. Josiah was sad and angry and ashamed that he and God’s people the Israelites had not been obeying God’s Word. Josiah loved God, so he wanted to know and obey God. So Josiah listened to God’s words found in the Book of the Law. King Josiah pointed the Israelites back to God. He led the people to know, love and obey God’s Word. God wanted to talk with Josiah, so He led His people to find the lost Book of the Law.  God wants to talk with us so He gave us His True Word the Bible. God gave us the Bible so that we might know and love him. We get to talk to God when we pray to Him and we get to listen to God when we read His Word. God is good and He wants to talk with us.

  • On the count of three whisper “God wants to talk with us”: 1-2-3. God wants to talk with us! 

  • Now, on the count of three say in a normal voice “God wants to talk with us”: 1-2-3. God wants to talk with us! 

  • Now, on the count of three shout “God wants to talk with us”: 1-2-3. God wants to talk with us!

REVIEW QUESTIONS - Great for 3-5yrs - for littles you can go through the questions and help them to say the answers with you

  • This is where we are in God’s Big Story timeline. (You and your children point to the God’s people wait section) SEE HERE

  • Who was Josiah? (the king) 

  • Was Josiah a good King? (yes – he loved God) 

  • What did Josiah decide to repair? (the temple – God’s special house) 

  • What did they find in the temple? (God’s book of the Law) 

  • How did Josiah feel when they read God’s Word out loud? (sad, angry, ashamed) 

  • What did Josiah do? (He listened and obeyed God’s Word) 

  • Who does God want to talk to? (Us!) 

  • How do we talk with God? (we read His Word and pray to Him)

  • Go through the Gospel Finger play SEE HERE

REPEATED PRAYER - help you children repeat this pray in small chunks after you if they would like to. Otherwise you can just lead your children through this prayer as a family.

Dear God – we praise you – for you are good. – thank you – for giving us – your Word – so that we – might know you – help us – to remember – to talk – with you. - in Jesus name –Amen.


1. Get your Sunday School craft pack. Find the craft stencil and envelop labelled LESSON 9.

2. Glue on the memory verse in the middle of the brown paper. Tap straws at either end of the paper. Using the straws, roll the straws/scroll inwards. Tie the scroll up with ribbon. Let your children decorate the scroll with stickers and colouring.

4. Glue your craft into your creche book. [ NOTE: don't do this if you want to use the scroll for the below activity ]


1. Do some treasure hunts with the scroll craft or a children’s bible. Hide the scroll/bible somewhere on your property for your children to find.