CRECHE | JUNE 14TH, 2020
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Foundational Truth : God is good 
Lesson Focus : God wants people to know Him. People who know God follow Him  


"Five Little Seeds" - Emu Music


Go through the memory verse together using these clips + the instructions provided below or in your pack!




This term at Church, Sunday School is learning about God’s people the Israelites in the Old Testament. The Old Testament tells us about God and His people before Jesus came to save sinners. God’s people in the Old Testament were waiting for Jesus to come and save sinners. Last week we learnt about how God provided for the widow by using Elisha. God is in charge of everything, so the widow’s oil kept pouring until all the jars were full even though she only had a tiny amount of oil. Today we are learning about a man named Naaman. On the count of three, say, “Naaman!” 1-2-3 Naaman!  Naaman was an important army commander but he was sick. He had a skin disease called leprosy. But God is good, so He used Elisha to heal Naaman. God is good so he used Elisha to show Naaman who the one true God is. 

Naaman went to Elisha to be healed because Elisha was God’s prophet. On the count of three, say, “Elisha!” 1-2-3 Elisha! A prophet is a messenger of God, someone who speaks for God. Elisha told Naaman to go and wash himself seven times – hold up 7 fingers- in the Jordan river to cure his leprosy.



  • (Hold up your bible)  The bible is God’s true Word. The bible is from God and about God. Let’s read about how Naaman was cured.


READ : 2 Kings 5:14

“So he went and dipped himself in the Jordan seven times, as the man of God had told him, and his flesh was restored and became clean like a young boy”


Naaman listened to and believed Elisha. Naaman washed himself seven times in the river and he was healed of leprosy! Naaman didn’t scrub off his leprosy or wash himself clean. God healed Naaman because God is in charge of everything and God is good. God used Elisha to cure Naaman’s leprosy and show Naaman who the one true God is. God wants us to listen to Him and believe His True Word the bible just like Naaman listened to Elisha. When we believe God’s True Word our sins are washed clean just like Naaman, and our sick hearts are healed of our sin. God is good, He knows and does what is best.

  • On the count of three whisper “God is good”: 1-2-3 God good!

  • Now, on the count of three say in a normal voice “God is good”: 1-2-3 God good!

  • Now, on the count of three shout “God is good”: 1-2-3 God good!

REVIEW QUESTIONS - Great for 3-5yrs - for littles you can go through the questions and help them to say the answers with you

  • This is where we are in God’s Big Story timeline. (You and your children point to the God’s people wait section) SEE HERE

  • Who did God heal? (Naaman) 

  • Why did Naaman need to be healed? (He had leprosy – a skin sickness) 

  • Who told Naaman to go and wash himself in the river? (Elisha) 

  • What did Naaman do? (he listened and believed Elisha – he went and dipped in the river) 

  • How many times did Naaman dip in the river? (7) 

  • Was Naaman healed? (Yes) 

  • Why did God heal Naaman? (because God is good)

  • What is God in charge of? (everything)

  • Does God heal our sin-sick hearts? (yes!) 

  • What does God want us to do? (listen to and believe His True Word the bible) 

  • Let’s say this together “God is good, He knows and does what is best”

  • Go through the Gospel Finger play SEE HERE

REPEATED PRAYER - help you children repeat this pray in small chunks after you if they would like to. Otherwise you can just lead your children through this prayer as a family.

Dear God –  we praise you – because you are good. – thank you for – healing our - sin-sick hearts.- help us to – listen to - and believe in you. - in Jesus name –Amen.


1. Get your Sunday School craft pack. Find the craft stencil and envelop labelled LESSON 7.

2. Glue blue cellophane on the water. Put the dot stickers on Naaman. Colour in and decorate.

3. Glue your craft into your creche book.


1. Use some water wash paints or texters to put dots on your children’s hands.

2. Wash your hands together. Repeat seven times.

3. Talk about how God healed Naaman.

4. Talk about how sin makes our hearts sick. Explain how our sinful hearts need to be washed and healed.

5. Talk about how Jesus washes away our sin and heals our sick hearts by dying on the cross.

6. Talk about how good God is to wash away our sins.