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Foundational Truth : God is in charge of everything 
Lesson Focus : God’s Spirit was in Elisha so that Elisha could point people to God, God’s Spirit is in us
so that we can point people towards God.  


"Jesus is the Boss" - Emu Music


Go through the memory verse together using these clips + the instructions provided below or in your pack!




This term at Church, Sunday School is learning about God’s people the Israelites in the Old Testament. The Old Testament tells us about God and His people before Jesus came to save sinners. God’s people in the Old Testament were waiting for Jesus to come and save sinners. Last week we learnt about Elijah being taken up into heaven and Elisha carrying on his work. On the count of three, say, “Elisha!” 1-2-3 Elisha! Today we are going to learn about Elisha’s ministry, the work he did showing everyone who the one true God is.  


Elisha was a prophet. A prophet is a messenger of God, someone who speaks for God. One time Elisha pointed a widow to the one true God through a miracle. A widow is someone whose husband or wife has died. Elisha met a woman whose husband had died. She was in desperate need of food and money. Elisha told the woman that he would help her. God used Elisha to help the woman because God is good, and He is in charge of everything. Elisha asked the widow what she had left, and the woman told Elisha that she had nothing left at all except, one small jar of oil. How do you think God used Elisha to provide for the widow?


  • (Hold up your bible)  The bible is God’s true Word. The bible is from God and about God. Let’s read about how Elisha helped the widow.


READ : 2 Kings 4:3-4, 6

“Elisha said, “Go around and ask all your neighbours for empty jars … pour oil into all the jars, and as each is filled, put it to one side.” … When all the jars were full, she said to her son, “Bring me another one.” But he replied, “there is not a jar left.” Then the oil stopped flowing ”


Elisha told the woman to keep pouring her tiny bit of oil into as many jars as she could find. And even though she had such a tiny amount of oil left she was able to fill lots and lots and lots of jars. The oil never ran out until all the jars were full. How amazing is that! Do you think it’s possible to pour a tiny bit of oil in lots and lots and lots of jars? No! Shake your head no. It’s impossible! But nothing is impossible for God! God used Elisha to perform a miracle to care for this woman. God is good so He provided for this woman. God is in charge of everything, so He made the oil keep pouring, even though there was only a tiny bit of oil to start with. God is good so He used Elisha to point the widow to the one true God. Elisha showed the widow that God is in charge of everything, He is the one true God.

  • On the count of three whisper “God is in charge of everything”: 1-2-3 God is in charge of everything!

  • Now, on the count of three say in a normal voice “God is in charge of everything”: God is in charge of everything!

  • Now, on the count of three shout “God is in charge of everything”: God is in charge of everything!

REVIEW QUESTIONS - Great for 3-5yrs - for littles you can go through the questions and help them to say the answers with you

  • This is where we are in God’s Big Story timeline. (You and your children point to the God’s people wait section) SEE HERE

  • Who was God’s prophet? (Elisha) 

  • Who did Elisha help? (the widow)

  • What was the only thing the widow had left? (a tiny amount of oil) 

  • What did Elisha tell the widow to do? (to get lots of jars and pour the oil into them) 

  • Did the oil run out? (no!) 

  • Why didn’t the oil run out? (because God is in charge of everything and nothing is impossible for God. God provided for the widow)

  • Why did Elisha help the widow? (because he wanted to point her to the one true God) 

  • Did God provide for the widow? (yes!) 

  • Is God good? (yes!) 

  • What is God in charge of? (everything!)

  • Go through the Gospel Finger play SEE HERE

REPEATED PRAYER - help you children repeat this pray in small chunks after you if they would like to. Otherwise you can just lead your children through this prayer as a family.

Dear God –  we praise you – because you are  - in charge of everything. – thank you – for providing – for our needs – help us – to point others – to you -  in Jesus name–Amen.


1. Get your Sunday School craft pack. Find the craft stencil and envelop labelled LESSON 6.

2. Decorate the oil pot with cellophane and dot stickers.

3. Glue your craft into your creche book.


1. Do an object lesson with your children to teach them about God’s infinite provision. Fill up a big bottle or jug of water.

2. Use this jug to fill up as many cups and containers as the water can fill.

3. When you run out of water talk to your children about how amazing it is that the woman’s oil didn’t run out.

4. Repeat with different amounts of starting water in your jug. Compare how many cups can be filled.

5. Remind your children that the woman’s oil didn’t run out because God provided for her.

6. Talk about how Jesus feeds the 5000 miraculously.

7. Talk with your children about how God provides for all our needs.

8. Talk with your children about how God is infinite – He never runs out of anything!