CRECHE | MAY 24TH, 2020
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Foundational Truth : God wants to talk with us 
Lesson Focus : There is only one true God. So follow Him alone. 


"He Overflows with Love" - Emu Music


Go through the memory verse together using this video + the instructions provided.


This term at Church, Sunday School is learning about God’s people the Israelites in the Old Testament. The Old Testament tells us about God and His people before Jesus came to save sinners. God’s people in the Old Testament were waiting for Jesus to come and save sinners. Last week we learnt about how God provided for Elijah by sending the ravens to feed him. Today we are learning about how God showed everyone that He is the one true God who wants to talk with us.

Lots of people had forgotten that there is only one true God – the LORD. They forgot that they should love and trust God most. They started worshiping a false idol called Baal. An idol is anything we love and trust more than God. The king wanted to worship Baal and he got all of the prophets of Israel to worship Baal, too. A prophet is a messenger of God, someone who speaks for God. The prophets did not love and trust God most anymore.


But there was one prophet who still loved and trusted God most. His name was Elijah. On the count of three, say, “Elijah!” 1—2—3! Elijah! Elijah knew that only God should be loved and trusted, and he told the king and everyone else that they should stop trying to worship both God and Baal. Back when Elijah was alive, people would make sacrifices to God. A sacrifice is giving something special and valuable to God to show that He is better. People would use stones and build a big altar and then put an animal on that altar and kill it. Elijah told the prophets of Baal to get a sacrifice ready and ask Baal to send down fire to see if he was a real god. Elijah knew that Baal was NOT real! Can a fake god hear people talking to him? Can he do anything? No way! Everyone shake their heads no. Baal couldn’t answer the prayers of the prophets because Baal was not real. 

The prophets asked Baal to send down fire over and over again. Do you think anything happened? No! Elijah knew that God was real! He knew that God could easily send fire down. He knew that God Wants to Talk With Us! Elijah had his own altar for a sacrifice to God, and he told people to dump lots and lots of water all over the altar. What happens to fire when you put water on it? The fire goes out! Elijah knew only God was strong enough to send fire down onto a soaking wet altar. That was not too hard for God! Elijah also knew that God Wants to Talk With Us, so Elijah prayed – Make praying hands-  and asked God to send down a fire.


  • (Hold up your bible) The bible is God’s true Word. The bible is from God and about God. Let’s read about how Elijah prayed to God and asked Him to show everyone that there is only one true God.

READ : 1 Kings 18:37

“Answer me, O Lord, answer me, that this people may know that you, O Lord, are God, and that you have turned their hearts back”.


Elijah prayed – make praying hands - and asked God to send down a fire because it would show that God is the one, true God. God heard Elijah’s prayer and He sent down a fire! Elijah prayed and asked God to show all the people that He was more powerful than anyone or anything else. God heard Elijah’s prayer and answered him because God wants to talk with us!

  • On the count of three whisper “God wants to talk with us”: 1-2-3 God wants to talk with us!

  • Now, on the count of three say in a normal voice whisper “God wants to talk with us”: 1-2-3 God wants to talk with us!

  • Now, on the count of three whisper “God wants to talk with us”: 1-2-3 God wants to talk with us!

REVIEW QUESTIONS - Great for 3-5yrs - for littles you can go through the questions and help them to say the answers with you

  • This is where we are in God’s Big Story timeline. (You and your children point to the God’s people wait section) SEE HERE

  • What is an idol? (anything we love more than God) 

  • What did the people ask Baal to do? (send down fire on the altar) 

  • Did Baal answer the people? (no) 

  • Why didn’t Baal answer the people? (he wasn’t real) 

  • What did Elijah ask God to do? (send down fire on his wet alter) 

  • Did God answer Elijah (Yes) 

  • Why did God answer Elijah? (Because He is real and God wants to talk with us) 

  • Who does God want to talk to? (Us!) 

  • Go through the Gospel Finger play SEE HERE

REPEATED PRAYER - help you children repeat this pray in small chunks after you if they would like to. Otherwise you can just lead your children through this prayer as a family.

Dear God – we praise you - because you are - the only true God. – Thank you – for listening to - our prayers. - Help us – remember to – talk to you – in Jesus name –Amen.


1. Get your Sunday School craft pack. Find the craft stencil and envelop labelled LESSON 4.

2. Glue on red and orange cellophane for fire. Glue on blue cellophane/paper for water. 
    Glue on brown cardboard for the alter. Colour in the stencil.

3. Glue your craft into your creche book.


1. Do an object lesson with your children. Get them to pick out their favourite things – toys, books, food, pictures etc.

2. Line up all their items.

3. Get them to ask these items to send down fire.

4. Talk about how foolish it was for the people to make fake gods and ask them to send down fire.

5. Ask your children who made these items.


6. Talk about how all things ultimately are created by God.


7. Talk about how God is the one true God.


8. Talk about how God is the only being that isn’t created.

9. Talk about how amazing our one true God is!